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Gedik Group


Gedik Welding Technologies


1 Gedik Welding Inc. 

Gedik Welding is the market leader in the welding industry,the company exports its products to more than 70 countries all over the world. The company has been producing welding equipments for the domestic and international markets since 1963.

Gedik Welding Inc., which has a strategic partnership with Austrain Böhler-Thyssen, is located in Istanbul with 60.000 m2 of production space. The company manufactures and markets welding electrodes, wires and welding machines under the license of Fronius and Böhler.

Gedik Welding is a member of European Welding Association (EWA) since 1998.




Gedik Casting and Valve Inc.

2 Termo Steam Valves Ic.


Gedik Casting & Valve is the leading company in manufacturing of steam armatures in Turkey.

Gedik Casting & Valve produces all types of steam, water, natural gas valves and armatures under the brand name TERMO and SIRMETAL.

Casting products are used in various sectors such as automotive and textile as well as industry of arms and defence.

Gedik Casting & Valve has the representation of some of the worldwide known brands in Turkey such as LESER, RIFOX, JAMES WALKER and POLTE GMBH.



3 Gedik Investment Securities Inc.


4 Gedik Investment Trust Inc.

5 Gedik Insurance Agency And Cons. Service Inc.

Gedik Insurance, which was established on July 29, 1999, is as an agency of Koc Allianz.

6 Marbaş Investment Securities Inc.




7 Gedik holding also founded Gedik Education Foundation in 1994,Since nearly 1994, 35 000 people benefitted from the foundation.


8 Gedik Education Foundation opened Gedik Vocational School of Higher Education in 2010.


9 Gedik Education Foundadtion opened Gedik University in 2011.Gedik Universty and Gedik Holding Companies aim to give best examples of industry-univesty collaboration projects in Turkey.






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