Canlı Destek Al

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Each day, more and more retail investors opt to receive portfolio management services from investment companies in Turkey, and total funds under management expand continuously.

Boasting an unwavering commitment to implementing a portfolio management approach focused on creating long-term value, adopting decision-making processes built on comprehensive research, executing a multi-faceted investment strategy, and embracing teamwork, coupled with the capability to effectively implement these principles, Gedik Investment’s 25 years of capital market experience plays a huge role in its success in portfolio management. To ensure consistent performance, Gedik Investment makes prudent investment decisions through efficient collaboration and effective teamwork, from the investment board to the portfolio manager. Gedik Investment also operates a state-of-the-art risk management system that integrates teamwork with individual responsibility in a unique way. These systematic efforts are conducted through a process that uses the latest investment management techniques dynamically.

Investors with all types of risk profiles can benefit from Gedik Investment’s portfolio management service in line with their tolerance for risk. In general, investors with funds of over TL100,000 are directed to individual portfolio management, in parallel with their risk appetites, TL and foreign currency preferences, and tax advantages.

Gedik Investment’s portfolio management services offer truly personalized solutions tailored to the individual preferences, risk profile, and time horizon of each client. Different fund options, which meet the expectations of the investor, can be designed under the Fund PLUS system, while different portfolio management approaches and strategies can also be used to address the specific needs of investors.

By continuing to pursue steady growth in the expanding portfolio management market, Gedik Investment plans to increase the number of funds it manages and their overall volume in the coming period, while raising the bar of fund performance success even higher.