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Gedik Universal

What is Gedik Universal?

Gedik Universal is a service and trading platform that enables individual and institutional investors to execute buy and sell orders in global stocks, eurobonds, futures, and options markets in a fast and easy fashion.

Gedik Universal lets you follow global markets and reach detailed analysis and live data. Additionally, it helps you allocate your investments by carrying out statistical and visual analysis on live data.

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Wide Product Coverage

With Gedik Universal you can invest in:

  • Stock
  • Eurobond
  • Futures
    on Stocks , FX , Indices , Commodities
  • Option
    on Stock , Indices , Commodities


Wide Geography

Gedik Universal provides access to the exchange markets of the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and Hong Kong as well as other countries in the Americas, Europe, and the Far East.

Covered Exchange Markets and Trading Hours

A Platform with Distinctive Features

Gedik Universal is unique, with features including borrowing, short selling, leverage alternatives, interactive online reports, investment ideas, and a customizable interface.

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What are the advantages of Gedik Universal?

•    Transaction on more than 100 stocks, eurobonds, futures, and options in 24 countries
•    Borrowing and short-selling in global markets
•    Leverage and credit alternatives in stocks 
•    Online interactive reports, trade ideas, and investment advise
•    Trade with competitive prices with SmartRoutingSM
•    Customizable interface
•    Instant access to news flow and economic data
•    Hands-on support from an experienced team
•    Effective risk management as well as advanced order types and algorithms
•    Easy follow-up of your portfolio with user-friendly reporting 

An expert team and quality service

Gedik Universal helps Gedik Investment investors grab opportunities in global markets with hands-on support from an expert team.

Advanced, Fast and Reliable Technology

Gedik Universal provides advanced technology to its investors. Gedik Universal users can trade on web, mobile, and tablet.

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Gedik Universal Trading Platforms

  • mobileTWS
    Gedik Universal, lets you acces your account with any devices - Android, IOS, Blackberry
  • Trader Workstation
    Gedik Universal, gives the oppotunity to trade with a single account on stock, option, futures, CFD and other products in more than 100 markets
  • WebTrader
    Gedik Universal,gives online access to investors' accounts with HTML based WebTrader

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*JDK is required to be installed from Java website. Installations from external is also required to be allowed on Mac OS X setting..
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To reach global markets and distinctive features:
Gedik Universal +90 212 268 32 28