Canlı Destek Al

Investment Advisory

In a period when a new investment vehicle is launched on Turkey’s capital markets every day and investor products are more diversified than ever, investment advisory gains in importance by the day. Investment advisory, which can be briefly defined as providing recommendations to investors on investment products, also helps investors gain strategic insight and perspective.

The product portfolios that fall under the scope of investment advisory include: Low Risk Portfolio; Medium Risk Portfolio; High Risk Portfolio; and Long-Term Equity Portfolio for My Child. The company’s equity recommendations include BIST-ALL, BIST-100, and BIST-30 reports and recommendations. The release of reports and recommendations, formulated through detailed research and analysis, is communicated to investors via SMS. Investor inquiries and requests received through the website are also responded to by the Investment Advisory Unit. During Gedik Investment webinars—held at least once a week—the markets are assessed from a holistic perspective and investors have the chance to ask live questions to experts in the field.


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