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Brokerage Services

Active in all capital markets, Gedik Investment provides brokerage services to investors in the Equity Market, Bonds and Bills Market, Repo/Reverse Repo Market, Derivatives Market, International Bonds and Bills Market, International Depository Receipt Market, and Leveraged Purchases and Sales transactions.

The wide range of brokerage services offered to investors includes share certificate transactions as well as futures, fixed income securities, and leveraged transactions. Gedik Investment holds the enviable position of market maker in leveraged purchase and sales transactions.

In brokerage services, investors need investment firms that give them a time advantage, have a similar mindset, deploy cutting-edge technologies, and provide widespread accessibility. Among the factors that determine the service quality of investment companies, two issues stand out; accessibility and technology. Of these, access is the foremost concern. Gedik Investment has an extensive service network, which helps differentiate it from all other investment firms operating on Borsa Istanbul. Gedik Investment meets investors at 83 different contact points, which include its 28 branches and Fibabanka agencies. Thanks to its collaboration with the national post and telegraph directorate, PTT, the company has provided complimentary postal money order and postal services to investors via PTT branches since 2010. In addition, Marbaş Securities, a boutique investment services provider, has two branch locations.

Technology is the second major concern for investors when evaluating investment firms. The technology systems infrastructure that Gedik Investment offers to investors delivers great convenience, speed, and time advantages, with platforms including Gedik Online Stock Exchange, Gedik Mobile, Investment Center, and Gedik Universal.

With the Gedik Online Stock Exchange application, investors can access online share certificate transactions, derivatives market products, funds, fixed-income securities, EFT-money transfers, online trading monitoring, and research reports. The technology-based services provided by Gedik Investment to investors are not limited to these offerings. Through Gedik Universal, investors can trade on nearly 40 overseas exchanges. Those investors who prefer not to visit a branch or go online can easily perform any transactions via the Investment Center and Special Transaction Center established by Gedik Investment exclusively for investor customers.

Gedik Investment has a state-of-the-art DMA-OMS system, running within the Colocation Facility at Borsa Istanbul. We are the first to be located in the BIST CoLocation Facility and we are still the only operational trading house in the facility.

For further information: Investment Center, Phone: +90 216 453 00 53